Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Arklow Music Festival Roth an tSaoil

Hi Everyone,

It looks like we are in for a few snowy days!!!

On Monday we will be going to the Arklow Music Festival.  The singing is superb, we are going to spend Monday morning getting the last moves sorted.  Mr Dunne and Ms Jameson will be helping us in our final preparations.

Before then you need to:

1.  Check you know the words by heart, focus on the early part of the song, we are great at the chorus. I've changed the few words as necessary in the boys section.

'Nois is muid tagthaí, bígí linn go luath,
(Beidh sí a'ainn, go luath)
Seo, is muid tagthaí
Bígí linn le bhur gcroí,
(Beidh sí a'ainn, go luath
Dúinne an t-am, dúinne an t-am)
Tiocfaimid le chéile lenár dteanga
Ón lá gur leag muid ár gcos ar an talamh,
Comh fíor leis an ngrian os ár gcionn
Ár nglór ag tabhairt faoi,
Rud nár chuala siad riamh
I bfhad níos mó, ma thagann tú liom
Go leor anseo linn inár dtír,
Nach mbeadh daoine in ann a thiontú
Ach an las' ar mo aghaidh,
Dath nach féidir a roinnt,
'Sé ag rá, go n-éiróidh linn
I roth mór an tsaoil
D'ár gcasadh fós,
Ón maitheas go holc,
Muinín is grá
Go rachfaimid,
Ár shlí fhéin, san roth mór
Roth mór an tsaoil

I roth mór an tsaoil
D'ár gcasadh fós,
Ón maitheas go holc,
Muinín is grá
Go rachfaimid,
Ár shlí fhéin, san roth mór
Roth mór an tsaoil

2. If you want you can sing along to YouTube - Lion King as Gaeilge  by Coláiste Lurgan:

Enjoy  the snow!

Mrs Spencer

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Coder Dojo

Every Wednesday After School At Around 6:00 To 6:30 Some
Of The boys in 3, 4, 5 and 6th go To the RDA Hall To Do Scratch
At The Coder Dojo club.  While you’re there you can do Scratch
Projects and show them with your Friends, It Is really fun and lasts
until 7:00.  So, if you want your kid to sign up to go to the Coder dojo
Website and proceed from there. I would recommend it for children aged

5 plus of age to get the full experience. I like it very much and recommend it for coders everywhere, THANK YOU!!!!  

How to Plan a Project by Morgan

Points on Planning a Project.
·      Start with researching your topic
·      Plan out your Topic Contents
(Introduction, Middle and End)
·      Make a list of materials you’ll need
·      Decide on how to present your project
(Book Format, Slideshow and or Poster)
·      Allow enough time to get project completed

By Morgan Karra

The Class Aquarium

It was the start of September just a few days after our summer holidays. We were told that we were going to get an aquarium. we were so excited that we all were jumping up and down we all wanted a certain fish and there was a lot of looking on the Wikipedia and other internet sites to decide what fish to choose. Then we decided which fish we wanted. We also made a group project about fish it was so fun and we are all happy that we have our fish and that Mrs. Spencer’s husband got us some other new one`s after our WW2 Project, Thank You.     

Our Fish Tank
By Rowan Parameter

We got our fish tank quite soon after school started and have tetras, ancistrus, a bronze cory, angel fish and harlequins.  We had two angel fish, one golden and the other black.  The black one died about a month ago.  We have increased the fish population as the tank has become mature and have replaced the angel fish which died.

Skip Hop

Skip Hop
By Lara Mullally
On the 16th of November a man came in to teach us skipping.  He took class by class to go out and skip. When it was our turn we went into the hall.  First we did a warm up.  We did forwards and backwards skipping for the warm up and some cool tricks, then we started to do some hard stuff.
 We did thing where you had to skip in the figure of eight.  It worked like this, you had to run in jump once then run around the person holding the person holding one side of the rope and then run in and jump again.  Then we had to do it with the whole class, the man said that whoever, touched the rope was ‘out’.  In the end only Hannah, Maeve, Patrick, Matthew and Seth were left ‘in’.  We did it eight times then we had to go back to class.
Later on, we went back with the whole school. The man called up the best people to come up and show their skills. After a while he called up Hannah, Maeve, Patrick, Matthew and Seth to do the figure of eight.  We got a score of 16 times.  We went back to our classrooms afterwards.
Our class went outside to do more skipping at 2 o’clock.  This time we just practiced doing the figure of eight, then the class was over.  We said ‘Goodbye’ and went back inside.  It was time to go home.

Skip Hop
By Lucy Fitzgerald
On Friday the 16th of November Lee came into do skipping with our school.  Everyone did 45 minutes with their class.  Then after lunch we had a skipping show and a few people from each class did some skipping tricks.  At the end of the day 5th and 6th class were very lucky to get half an hour extra time before Lee left.  We had so much fun and I wish I could do it again.
by Leah Condell

A guy called Lee came to school and he showed SOOO many cool skipping tricks and routines, some of them where double dutch, 360 turn , figure of eight  and sooo much more. He said that he worked with boxers, gymnasts, football players etc. . We had a little show doing the skipping tricks that we learned 

Our World War 2 Projects

World War 2 project
by Naoise Wheeler
Recently Mrs. Spencer had an idea and asked us to do a project about WW2.  Mrs. Spencer gave us a sheet which had the amount of points that you got for each topic in the project.  Everybody did completely different types of projects.  Some people did booklets and some people did big posters.  The biggest project was Seth's which was longer than one of the school tables and Seth hand-wrote most of his project himself.  Lucy Fitzgerald used home-made paper which looked really old.  Matthew finished his project in the shortest length of time.  Dara and Nathan did Powerpoint presentations on the computer which was very good.  All the projects were displayed in the PE hall and the parents came into school to look at them.
Lucy Rhatigan came first place overall and she wrote a lot about Adolf Hitler when he was growing up.
The main topics we covered out WW2 were: an introduction, a timeline of events in the war, the countries involved, the big battles e.g. the battle of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, the evacuation (the kids that went to live in the countryside), the Blitz (the bombing of London), technology and warfare, different types of aircraft, spies, concentration camps and the Holocaust.  Adolf Hitler, the leader of the German Army.  The diary of Anne Frank and some people even have ancestors that were involved in World War 2.  The invention of nuclear weapons and the Atomic Bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the USA which forced Japan to surrender.  61 countries were involved in World War 2 and around 60 million people died and 6 million Jewish people died in WW2.
All of the projects were amazing.  I was really surprised because most of the people who died in WW2 were from the Allies and the Allies won the war.  I never knew how bad WW2 was until I did the project and I learned so much.  It was really sad because so many people died.  I hope people will never start such a big war again.  I want to thank Pete and Larry and Pete's wife for coming into our school and judging our projects. 

World War 2 Projects
  We had to present our WW2 projects to the 5th and 6th class parents.  Friday the 17th was our open day.  We did a lot more than just presenting on the day.  It started with a visit from Pete McWilliams.  He talked to us about the RAF.  Later we went to the hall to present our projects to the judges.  The three judges were Peter McWilliams, his wife Lorraine McWilliams and Larry Roe.  Which we were presenting our projects Mrs Spencer cooked really yummy pizza.  We had a break while the judges were looking at the projects.  When the judges came back afterwards they said that we had all done an amazing job.  Then parents came to the hall along with pupils from the other classes. We had a great time telling everyone about our projects.        

WW2 Projects 2017
At the beginning of October 5thand 6thclasses were given individual World War 2 projects that were due on the 17th of November.
By the time we were finished our projects we became more knowledgeable of WW2 topics such as Hitler, important battles, The Holocaust etc.

It was a great experience for us to work at a secondary school standard.

All about Science Week 2017

Science Week 2017
By Kai Arthur

From the 13th to the 17th of November we had Science week. During science week we had a lot of fun activities like assemblies and guest speakers the senior room did debating in front of the school [to be completely honest it was really scary debating with everyone looking at you], but it was really fun.
   We also did science posters and a little wrap. I think Science week was really fun and I can’t wait for next year.

Science Week
by Hannah Joynt
Last week was Science week 2017. It was great fun and I learned lots. I never knew there was science behind skipping.
My highlight of Science week was on Tuesday the 14th of November. On that afternoon Dr Ross O`Neill came into us to talk about his new invention. Dr O`Neill is a neuroscientist and he focuses on the human brain. He invented a new device helps people with tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition where there is a constant high pitched drone, hissing or buzzing noise in the patient’s ear. This device helps the patient’s brain to forget the noise. There is a thing that is called a lollipop every time the patient hears a noise they put on these special headphones place the lollipop in their mouth and presses a button this slowly helps the brain realises the noises are not there. The mute button has been tested 365 times and it has worked. I am so glad he came into us and told us about his new invention I learned lots from his visit and I hope his device is successful.

Dr O’Neill
By Mathew Cherry
Dr O’Neill came to my school on the 15th of November (so about a week ago). He is a Neuroscientist (brain scientist). He has invented a cure for tinnitus - a psychological problem when you hears noises that aren’t real (normally a ringing noise) created by your own brain. I won’t go into details but it’s pretty cool. He also told us why your ears pop and that the three smallest bones I your body are in your ears (one for each ear), they’re most well known as the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup (they also have technical names that I don’t know of). To wrap it up, Dr O’Neill is a really nice (and smart) guy who – by my opinion- has great taste in suits.
The End.

Aishling Kerwin
Science week, food talk 
Her business: cooking up change

On the Monday the 13th November, Aisiling  Kerwin came in to talk to us about healthy foods. She is a nutritional therapist. She was very interesting because first she spoke all about the body and that it is proven that all the different foods you eat all make a different but huge impact. After that she showed us a drink it looked really nice it was a purple colour. After we had a taste (it was so nice ) she told us that it was mainly beetroot. The good thing about this drink was that it opened up you blood cells so if you go for a run you can get more blood running through your system. After that we made a different drink it was a green drink is tasted really good too this had pineapple, broccoli, spinach and ice. After that drink we made something that was called chocolate balls these had mulberries, cocoa powder, dates, all sorts of seeds and nuts, they were really good I have made them at home and they were amazing as a treat.
We had an amazing time and thank you Aisling for coming into us to talk to us it was really appreciated.
Aisling Kirwan
Science week Food Talk

On Monday the 13th of November Aisling Kirwan visited our school. Aisling is nutritional therapist and has her own company called cooking up change. She had a pretend body pop-up book that showed us how good food and bad impacts our body and some of the boys in 5th and 6th class decided to call him Steve!

Aisling told us about different types of nutrition that our bodies need to be fit and healthy. She also talked to us about bad food and sugars and the impact of them in our bodies if you don't exercise.

After that she showed us a healthy energy juice that she had made the night before. The juice was a dark red sort of colour, it had beetroot, nuts and seeds, raspberries and different types of forest fruits. Everyone got a small taste of the juice. In my opinion, I thought the juice quite nice but other people thought it wasn't that nice.

Then she made a green energy drink she got some helpers and we all got a taste of that juice too! Next, Aisling and some helpers made some healthy chocolate. The chocolate was made out of cocoa powder, dates and different types of seeds. Of course everyone got a taste of the chocolate as well!

At the end, everyone said “thank you” to Aisling and everyone loved the talk and learned lots. I loved having Aisling here and I have already tried to make some of the recipes.